• Participants must be current Tufts University students, post-doctoral fellows, faculty or staff members to participate.  Any employees of a Tufts University affiliated hospital (e.g. Tufts Medical Center, Maine Medical Center, etc) or CTSI partner are also eligible. 

  • People currently working on funded projects related to Lyme disease are not eligible for cash prizes but may participate on teams as coaches

  • Individuals may participate on multiple proposals from different teams, but each submission needs to have a separate Team name and Team leader.

  • Teams may consist of 2 or more participants.


Rules for the contest

  • Proposals are due Dec 2, 2019 at 11:59 PM EST

  • Proposals should be submitted at

  • Submissions should include

    • Video file in .mp4, .mov or .avi format

    • Completed submission information form

  • Cash prizes are for the unrestricted use by the team members.  Team members (except for the coaches) are expected to share equally in the prize money

  • Additional money for the project will be provided through discussion with the panel.  Additional money is restricted for expenses related to the project.


Guidelines for review process

  • Videos will be posted at for viewing

  • Online voting will occur through the website—one first prize winner will be selected

  • Other prizes will be awarded by panel review.  Panels will score submissions with a score of 1 (best) to 5 (worst) on the following criteria

    • Potential impact of proposal on human Lyme disease

    • Innovation of the proposal

    • Feasibility of the proposal

  • An overall score will be provided by the panel of judges.  The score does not need to reflect the average of the three criteria, and these may be weighted differently for different proposals.  The overall score will be used to determine the winners.

  • The team’s desire to initiate the proposal will not be considered in the contest judging.  Decisions to offer additional funding to conduct the proposal will be made separately from choosing of the winners of the contest.


Tips for the proposal

  • Make the proposal engaging.  Recommended length is 5-10 minutes although there is no minimum or maximum length required.  The style and format of the video is at the discretion of the teams

  • Provide sufficient information for the judges to understand:       

    • The problem the proposal addresses

    • The solution being proposed with enough detail to determine feasibility

    • How successfully completing the proposal will benefit Lyme disease research or animals or patients with Lyme disease.


Coaches can be selected from faculty or researchers listed in the Coaches Table on the Contest web page.

Tufts Lyme Disease Challenge







February 24th, 11:59 PM EST

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