What is the Tufts Lyme Disease Challenge?

Join us for a day of panel discussions, breakout sessions, team competition, food and prizes – as Tufts meets the challenge to end Lyme disease by 2030!

Supported by Tufts University Trustee, Hugh Roome, the Lyme Disease Challenge is a competition to encourage the best young minds of the University to work together in teams to solve some of the many issues that have stood in the way of reducing Lyme disease.  

The afternoon will begin with an introduction to Lyme disease and the public health problem it presents. This will be followed by short, focused panel discussions highlighting some of the major barriers to success in controlling Lyme disease and an examination of why it continues to expand despite our best efforts.   We will discuss gaps in public policy, education, diagnosis, treatment, animal health, ecology/epidemiology and basic knowledge about the organism causing the disease.

The participants will then have the opportunity to form teams and develop their approaches with the assistance of the coaches who bring expertise in specific areas of Lyme disease.  


Teams will have an opportunity to present their ideas to the group at the end of the day for feedback. After the event, teams will be asked to submit proposals that will compete for funding to help turn their ideas into action.


Examples of potential projects (this is not meant to be limiting or comprehensive)

  • GIS mapping of weather and Lyme disease risk

  • Create a policy white paper on the use of the veterinary Lyme disease vaccine for humans

  • Develop an app for tick recognition that could be used to determine whether a tick was a potential Lyme disease carrying tick

  • Create a computer program to mine the Lyme disease organism genome and assign functions to the many unknown genes

  • Develop delivery systems for topical antibiotics that can be used at the site of tick bites

  • Test the effects of environmental alterations on tick habitats

All students, post-docs and faculty are welcome!


No prior experience with Lyme needed!

Tufts Lyme Disease Challenge







February 24th, 11:59 PM EST

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