The Tufts Lyme Disease Initiative was started in 2019 by faculty at Tufts with the mission to eliminate Lyme disease as a growing human health threat by 2030.

Tufts University has been at the forefront of scientific advancement in tick-borne disease research since Lyme disease was first described in the U.S. in the 1970s. Notable achievements by faculty at Tufts include the first identification of Lyme disease, the development of the only approved commercial human Lyme vaccine, and the early identification of new tick-borne diseases including Borrelia miyamotoi and Powassan virus diseases. Developing Tufts University’s unique expertise in the specialty of tick-borne disease remains a sustained focus for the University.


Currently, Tufts University boasts one of the strongest groups of tick-borne disease researchers in world and its faculty are #1 in NIH research funding for Lyme disease over the last decade. The Tufts Lyme Disease Initiative seeks to engage students and faculty from different backgrounds to use their perspective to develop creative approaches to the problem of Lyme disease.  By working together, we hope to finally turn the tide against Lyme disease.

Challenge Planning Committee:

Maureen Collins (TUSM)

Kelsey Detels (SoE)

Cecily Freliech (TUSM)

Evan Griffith (Cummings)

Julie McCarthy (TUSM)

Thuy Nguyen (OVPR)

Augusta Rohrbach (OVPR)

Lindsay Smith (Cummings, Fletcher)

Alexander Thomas (Fletcher, TUSM)

Website Design:

Maureen Collins (TUSM)

Tanja Petnicki-Ocwieja (TUSM)

Contact us:

Tufts Lyme Disease Challenge







February 24th, 11:59 PM EST

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